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The Coma: Recut Brings Korean High School Horror To Consoles


The Coma: Recut, an updated version of the 2015  Korean horror game The Coma, will offer more hiding techniques, sharper animations, rebalanced stamina systems, and the same tense, pulse-pounding chases when it comes to PS4 and Xbox One next month.


Youngho, tired from spending all night studying, finds himself falling asleep in class, only to awaken to a school that’s nothing like what he remembers. Involving a student suicide and some horrific events, The Coma: Recut will soon have Youngho fleeing through the halls, avoiding a teacher whose howls and shrieks will leave players trembling. With a well-trained ear and careful choice of hiding spots, players may be able to avoid her long enough to find out why they are trapped in this world, and how to escape it.

The Coma: Recut cleans up several elements from the 2015 release, redoing some of the animations and updating the game’s cutscenes and artwork. It also offers some rebalancing for items and inventory, as well as the stamina gauge, increasing the tension from keeping enough items and enough energy to flee. It also adds new rolling and breath-holding mechanics, allowing players some new ways to get away from the monsters beyond finding hiding places.


The Coma: Recut is due to release on PS4 and Xbox One in August of this year, and will also be available on PC through Steam.

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