Combat Is Used Sparingly In Amy; Instead You Mutate And Mingle With Monsters

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French publisher, Lexis Numerique, have a survival horror game,  Amy, headed to the PlayStation Network. Set in the year 2034, after a series of natural disasters has struck amidst an ongoing virus plague, Amy has you playing as a lady named Lana.


There’s a bit more to Amy than that, however. The game is actually cooperative-style survival horror. While you’ll play as Lana, your partner will be Amy, an autistic eight-year-old with strange powers. Initially, Amy won’t trust you, and you’ll have to get past this hurdle before you can start to cooperate with her.


Lexis Numerique say that, while Amy isn’t exactly a fighting machine, she isn’t a docile little girl either.


Once you’ve earned Amy’s trust, she and Lana will need to depend on each other. Since Lana’s infected by the virus outbreak, she’ll occasionally need Amy’s powers to cure her before she mutates too far and dies. The upside to this infection, however, is that when Lana’s mutated to a certain point, she’ll be able to mingle with the game’s enemies without arousing suspicion.


You can also use Amy to reach inaccessible areas, ask her to perform specific actions, and utilise her powers in other ways. Lexis Numerique say that, while Amy does have “fierce close combat,” this is used sparingly. Both Lana and Amy are weaker than the enemies in the game, and will require that you approach enemies tactically in order to stay alive.


Instead, they’re more focused on elements like using unique camera settings, sound design and character behaviour.

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