Combine Character Skills For Unique Effects In RPG Azure Saga: Pathfinder



Working together is an important theme in Azure Saga: Pathfinder, as characters can combine their skills with each other in various different combos, creating unique effects and animations depending on who the player has paired up. 




In Azure Saga: Pathfinder, humanity is split up across the cosmos, seeking energy and resources to sustain themselves. People talk about a planet named Azure, however, that contains everything they could need, finally giving them a home.


Players will act as Synch, the son of a scientist, and his droid companion. The pair find themselves shot down as they’re heading to get Synch’s father, which kicks off a series of events that will lead to new friendships, political intrigue, and all-out war. Their story will be told through visual novel storytelling, offering high-quality illustrations and animations when sharing the narrative.




Synch and his allies have many different abilities to use during the game’s turn-based combat. Many of these powers can be combined with those of other characters, creating attacks with special animations and properties, encouraging players to try different combinations of abilities.


Azure Saga: Pathfinder is raising votes on Greenlight for a release sometime this year.

Alistair Wong
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