Combo Queen Taps Up Big Axe-Swinging Combos On iOS

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Following its successful Kickstarter back in November, Tap My Game has released its fast-paced hack-‘n’-slash action-RPG and runner hybrid Combo Queen on iOS (via Pocket Gamer).


It follows Queen as she slices her way through as many monsters as possible. Doing this can be tricky as to land blows with her battle axe you need to tap the right side of the screen as squares spin into place, as if it were a rhythm game.


Even harder is parrying on time. When the monsters wind up for a swing themselves, you need to tap the left side of the screen just as it lands in order to avoid taking damage. And, due to Queen wearing hardly anything, a strike against her can be devastating.



As you progress, you’ll earn experience to level up, learn new combo sets, and unlock new equipment to outfit Queen with. Think of it as a medieval Bayonetta except no Witch Time (or gun-stilettos) and with a rhythm-based twist to up the tapping challenge.


You can purchase Combo Queen on the App Store for $1.99. It should also be coming to Android soon.

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