Combo Queen Turns Huge Combos Into A Series Of Well-Timed Taps



Queen may be cute, but she’s also a psychotic killer. She’s the star of Combo Queen, which is a hack ‘n’ slash action game built for the touch screens, and it looks quite smart.


Your goal in Combo Queen is, mostly, to battle your way through loads and loads of monsters. It’s action-heavy, but the controls are the simple enough for anyone to pick up while retaining what appears to be a challenging timing-based nuance.


I’m referring to the attack and parry system. Attacks are launched by tapping the screen. Easy enough. Parries require timing and for you to tap the screen with two fingers, still simple, but it may be easy to slip in the heat of battle. And to start off with, Queen only takes one hit before going down.


Don’t worry, as you progress, purchase new equipment, and level up Queen, she’ll be able to take more hits, but not too many. The idea here is for you to control this aggressive but fragile killer as a flurry of attacks, and never getting a mark on her.


This is why the combo bar builds up with each successful parry, and once it’s full, you’re able to perform a series of heavy-hitting attacks as a combo by tapping the screen as fast as you can.


Currently, Combo Queen is up on Kickstarter where its creators are hoping to obtain $5000 in funding that will be put towards finishing the game off. Once it’s finished, which should be by December 2014, it will be released for iOS and Android. You can get an iOS copy of the game for $10.

Chris Priestman