Come Watch Siliconera Play Monster Hunter Stories Starting At 3PM Today

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This past month has been huge for games: we got Final Fantasy XV, Battlefield 1, Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon, Super Mario Maker for 3DS – but out here in the quiet countryside of central Japan, my students are still engrossed in the world of Monster Hunter Stories. I don’t blame them, either – just like Pokémon, the game features a vivid world with loveable characters, memorable locations, and a stirring soundtrack. It takes the best parts of Monster Hunter’s flagship titles and translates them seamlessly into the JRPG mold.


The game has only been released in Japan and Capcom hasn’t announced any plans to bring it to the west. I want to share the experience with everyone here on Siliconera, though, and so I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be running a weekly stream on our official Twitch account at 3:00 PM (PST)/ 6:00 PM (EST). Our stream begins from 25 hours into the game – but I will catch everyone up to speed with cutscenes from the game’s gallery that cover the story up until the 25 hour mark. (most of it was hunting for eggs, anyways!)



Be sure to bring your copy of Monster Hunter Generations with you – I’ll be distributing one of two Palicoes – Benkei and Sili – which you can use to create the strongest Prowler in the game. I’ll release more information on how to access our multiplayer lobby to get them during the stream.


Whether you’re a fan of main line Monster Hunter Titles, or need something to listen to while you run through the postgame for Sun and Moon, our weekend stream of Monster Hunter Stories has got you covered. The game is a perfect introduction to the franchise, and don’t worry that it’s in Japanese – I’ll do my best to provide enough context and translation for you to get the most out of it.
See you there!

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