Command An Army Of Cute Dolls In SRPG Rime Berta



Playism has announced that Japanese indie studio NEXT-SOFT will be releasing its strategy-RPG Rime Berta on Steam on December 16th for Windows. It will cost $14.99. It is already available on Playism’s store.


You play as a young girl called Livia who fights through a battle of cute sentient puppets in order to reach an artifact that will grant her any wish. Her mission is to rid her village of a terrible disease.


Similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, Rime Berta has grid-based and turn-based tactical combat in which you command dolls, each of which have their own powerful, and sometimes magical, abilities.



The battle stages feature terrain at various heights that can be used to your advantage. For instance, you could funnel your enemies into a valley and unleash an area-of-effect attack to devastate all of them.


When the enemy is attacking, you’re able to make use of “reaction” skills that can be set so that your units, well, react to certain conditions.


As you progress through the game, you can level up and evolve your units to learn new skills. Apparently, there’s plenty of customization within each set class and hybrid class.

Chris Priestman