Comments of the Week: December, 18 2006 edition


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Warner Brothers is trying to get a serious stake into the gaming business. To do this they bought a share in SCi, which owns Eidos. Are we going to see Tomb Raider and Superman team up? Probably not but new games based on Batman, the Looney Tunes and Hanna Barbera classics could be in the work.


stonerocker thinks this is going to lead to more second rate titles, “As far as I’m concerned, all this means is a slew of second rate games that will be mass produced with names like batman on them in the hopes that the name of it will sell copies. This doesn’t mean good games, this means those games that people will buy on impulse because they liked batman and then they’ll play it once and leave it to collect dust on the shelf.”

Speaking of cashing in, D-Fuse thinks the new Mega Man Star Force series is a blasphemy for Mega Man’s 20th birthday. “Not impressed at all by the whole three versions of the same game mess Capcom is making. Supposedly Mega Man Star Force was all about celebrating Mega Man’s 20th anniversary. All Capcom is doing is spawning off more unnecessary sequels.”


Those announcements might not be impressive, but the Final Fantasy Tactics PSP remake got some positive reactions.


Ragingdwarf: "Tactics, on the other hand, was, in my opinion, Square’s attempt to do something drastically different for the group of people Sony was catering to, and for the Final Fantasy series. the had already done the Front Mission series, but it was a lack-luster event in the US. But the Final Fantasy name alone was an almost qualified success for the FF Tactics game they were about to unload. And the reason why so many folks like the Tactics series so much, is because of the extraordinary amount of freedom it gave players. Every character, team, and battle was what you made of it. It didn’t rely on the brawler/black magic/white magic/mystery-meat guy(girl) setup that the rest of the series had templated up."


On the DivX to MJPEG conversion Restraool finds an extra option, "Wow video files from this are huge, but it’s a solution. Did anyone else notice the tool has a PS3 conversion program too?"


This week we showed a kid dressed up as Chibi Robo. Apparently it was the child’s idea and not the parents. "Hey, I’m his dad, and it was entirely his idea, even the costume for his sister! Plus, he was already luigi last year." – Eli


the_importer speculates on why Wii Play is delayed in North America, "Got $10 saying that NOA is trying to remove this (censorships and ESRB issues), which would explain why we don’t have this basic game yet.” When the game ships out someone’s got to search for the extra Easter Egg.


Yeah we’ve been showcasing Bleach Wii a lot this week and while I was thinking about the gameplay, Syntonic noticed something else, "Orihime needs better boobs physics. After all, it’s next gen and all of that even if it is the Wii."


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