Comments of the week: December, 3 2006 edition


vysethebold said “I asked a girl today if she wanted to come over and play with my Wii, and I got slapped. I’m never going over to the all-women’s campus ever again…”


Jolupa shows us a movie already made about Dance Dance Revolution,

“Well, in Spain we have a movie about DDR, writed by a real Otaku.

The film is this

and is very funny to see. “


While I thought Jump Ultimate Stars was pretty good IceAmp has other thoughts,

“I’m all for more characters in the game, but after reading this Jump Ultimate Stars doesn’t sound that great. You’re basically buying the same game with a new roster. The sprites and the combo system are nearly identical to JSS and you have to unlock the same characters all over again. All of that for online play? I’ll pass.”

Casey Anderson likes the new style of the Sims Wii… and vampire zombies,

“This might actually be the first Sims game for a console I pick up.

…but only if they still include the ability to make your sim into a vampire zombie, like in Sims 2. “


John H. explains the differences between Zelda II for the Famicom and the NES, “Famicom Zelda seems to be the same game (although the original version had slightly different music, since it was a disk game and could take advantage of an extra music channel or two).


Famicom Disk Zelda II, however, has substantial differences, including some different dungeon layouts, fewer bosses, and a different experience system that penalized players for building levels unevenly but gave many more experience points towards the later sections of the game.” I wonder what version we’ll get on the US Virtual Console…


On dream arcade games coming to Xbox Live Hatake Kakashi says

“These had better be “true” arcade games and not cheap SNES imitations, like SF2:HF was/is. Killer Instinct would be awesome, but arcade purists like myself will probably not buy it if it doesn’t have all of the bugs and quirks like the original had, such as the Cinder infinite combo.


Also, with emulation, the only thing that would make people buy these games would be the aspect of online competition, unless MAME already allows it. AFAIK, they don’t have this capability. On the other hand, if Xbox Live’s games have online matches, but aren’t exact arcade replicas, who knows if it will be a success or not?


Now, whatever company gets the NEO GEO classics will probably win…. Samurai Shodown, King of Fighters, etc. They simply have too many arcade hits.” Neo Geo hits, I hope SNK brings back Magician Lord.


Seeing the possibility of bringing General Leo back to life in Final Fantasy VI shocked Persmega00,

“My life is being turned upside down. Next you’ll tell me Aeris comes back.”


On the different races in Crackdown noun says,

“So, you get to play a whole bunch of jazzed-up racial stereotypes? *yawn*


Wouldn’t it have made for a more interesting plot to actually utilize these different socioeconomic and racial demographics in regard to police and public relations? …personal convictions and obligations? …minority interactivity and interoperability within the police subculture?


Instead we get another game where you can pick the African American because he jumps high and runs fast, the Asian American that’s smart and nimble (probably knows martial arts too!), and the Russian that can “beat stuff up real good.”

Hopefully the gameplay isn’t as tired as its class system.”


Ragingdwarf shares his experience with Final Fantasy III DS,

“I realized I was in for a good time when I went into the mythril cave in the second town and got wiped by two skeletons. I also realized that I had to save on the world map to keep from starting over. One hour later I was back, but I avoided the cave like the plague for a good ten levels.


I, too wish the top screen was utilized more. I can live without an optimize feature, because they at least have the decency to tell you how your stats are affected. My only real beef is with the fact that holding down the ‘A’ button on the battle menu doesn’t auto accept. I used that quite a bit in later games. Now I have to hit that damn thing at least three times to get to the net person waiting to kill something. But man do I love the hardcore nature of this game!“


Lastly ShadowMarth shares his thoughts on Final Fantasy III’s difficulty,

“From translated ROMs I know this all too well. The NES Final Fantasies definitely have an… interesting difficulty curve. The original was pretty well balanced, but this one takes a hard curve towards insanely difficult after you get through a few quests. I ran into trouble shortly after the pirate area.


And FFII is a whole other story. The encounters on that one range from absolutely pathetic almost everywhere to absolutely impossible in other places, with little in-between. I personally think the original is the best of the bunch, but III is definitely a good one. “


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