Comments of the Week: Delayed December 25, 2006 Edition


Delayed for the holiday, but here are the comments of the week for Dec 18th to the 24th. Remember everyone here is entered in our drawing to win two Nintendo Wiis!


On the lack of DOA: Xtreme 2 sales the_importer says, “Bah, Japanese folks can get their Hentai Boobies on every corner of the street for cheaper prices than a game console, which is pretty much what this “game” is all about anyway.”

I’m not convinced that the PS2 is the best choice for the Tomb Raider remake, but Veilknight presents a good point.“Actually, the PS2 seems to be the definite choice when it comes to exclusive rights, because of its installed userbase. If Eidos were to release this exclusively for either the 360 or PS3 they would be skipping out on the fanbase who enjoyed Tomb Raider Legend. Not everyone owns these two consoles yet. Personally, I’d rather see a next-gen sequel to Legend rather than a remake of the original TR. I see this more as a going away present for the series on the PS2 and a tribute to the original, which had its roots on the PSX (and Saturn, of course).”


The Dreamcast isn’t quite dead yet. Games keep trickling in like Last Hope. Redspotgames who is publishing it talked about some of the difficulties of bringing the game to Sega’s last console and stonerocker brings a good counterpoint “I think that’s a terrible idea. I don’t see how developing for a dead system will ever sell enough to make the work worth it’s while. Yes, maybe there is a small demographic of diehard Dreamcast fans, but it’s not enough to support development and production of a game. Most stores will proabably not even stock the game, even if enough were produced for distribution, which simply lessens the amount of people who will even be aware of this games existence, let alone consider ordering it, when the same money could be spent buying a game that is technologically up-to-date.”


Dranore posts his own views on Sam & Max’s episodic content format, “Due to the efficiency of the cost/time cycle for the development of episodic game content, consoles that now have the capability of downloading games, and the popularization of download PC game delivery, I’d expect it to become the standard rather than the exception. We have more television production that film production for the same reason. Episodic game content will become the television to the epic AAA title feature films of the game world.”


The rumor of Tales of the Abyss sparked fans interest

Cless Avin said, “Tales of Symphonia was one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. Final Fantasy may be popular, but I can’t stand selecting choices from menus for more than an hour or two. Namco really hit something here by changing all the battles into mini side-scroller arcade games. I’m really hoping that the Tales series will live up to their reputation here, once again.”


And Jeff said, “That would be really awesome if it happened. I’m not sure it’s entirely likely at this late stage of the Cube’s life, but I’d be down for it. If it moved to Wii instead, that would put me over the edge and Buying a Wii right then and there (I’m currently waiting til summer when more games arrive).”


On Virtua Fighter 5 moving over to the 360 K_G said, “Wow…While SEGA and MS have quite a bit of business together during the post Dreamcast era, SEGA never shared Virtua Fighter with MS. With the possibility of more developers starting to think that they should plan with both the 360 and PS3 in mind rather than trying to milk the PS3 for all its worth and then trying to cram that down into the 360, Sony could spend the next several years fighting the mindset of ‘yeah, the PS3 version is better looking but its not $200 (or more if MS drops the 360’s price in the spring) better looking’.”


After seeing people play Bleach on the Wii, Lucas has his doubts about the system, “Am I the only one that sees the flaw in this? The players are just flailing their hands side to side and up and down. I mean, how long before people realize the Wiimote DECREASES the need for SKILL in a game and doesn’t INCREASE skill? The whole draw of the ‘mote is that it mimics real life and you can pick up and play. The only problem? Very few of us are samurai masters and resort to swinging around like monkeys when it comes time to play a fighting game. This will also lessen the amount of sick combos that can not be done in real life.”


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