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Competitive Action Game From 32 Years Ago Penguin Wars Is Getting A Remake On Switch



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Penguin Wars, the competitive action game released by UPL in 1985 for arcade, MSX, and Famicom is getting a remake for Nintendo Switch this fall in Japan. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine has more details. [Thanks, Hachima.]


The above is a look at some footage of Penguin Wars, called Penguin-kun Wars in Japan. The game has you play as one of the five animals of cow, rabbit, bat, rat, and penguin. The game starts out with five balls on each side of a table, and the objective is to roll as many as possible to the other player’s side. You can win by having all ten balls on the other player’s side, or by having the most on the opponent’s side when time runs out.


Hitting the other player’s animal knocks them down and keeps them out of the action for a certain period of time. This is one of the main strategies used to hit as many balls to the other side as possible. Each animal would have their own characteristics as well. For example, the rat has the fastest speed but his power to hit the ball is the lowest. The cow moves slowly but has faster recovery speed after getting hit by a ball, and so on.


The upcoming Nintendo Switch remake keeps the base game characteristics while adding numerous new elements. Some of the new rules include having both players hit each other with 10 balls to see who can make the other player’s HP hit 0 first. There are also other new rules such as 1v1, 2v2, as well as special rules that replaces balls with bombs.


As far as soundtrack goes, it’ll feature modern remakes of the BGM as well as tracks from artists from both within and outside Japan who are active in the game music and club scene.


The game features multiplayer and online battles. Local play supports up to four players. Each character will have their own unique specials, and the story mode will have some growth elements as well.


Penguin Wars’ remake is headed to Nintendo Switch in Japan in Fall 2017.

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