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Compile Heart Teases More Of Death Beneath The Labyrinth With A Sleeping Girl



Last month, Compile Heart revealed the title of the game they’ve been teasing, as Death Beneath the Labyrinth, the second title under their Hell’s #1 House label after Destroyer Trillion. The official website updates with a new teaser “narration trailer 1”.


The video starts out with some key narrated phrases that tells us a little more about the game’s setting and story. Here’s what it says:


“An eternal night that never breaks, two moons that shine in the darkness.”


“Down the dusky depths beneath the labyrinth, deep inside the sealed door, is where I sleep.”


“Will Estra call me?”


“In this planet that has lost its light, the girl knows her role. With her eyes full of hope, they’re fixated on what’s ahead.”


“Will that voice reach me? Will it lead my soul? If my two arms could illuminate her path as guidance… for now, I’m waiting for that time, dozing by her dim sleep.”


“Death beneath the labyrinth. I shall awaken to change such a fate.


While it’s still not exactly clear what the game is about, the video shows us a look at what appears to be the protagonist, with an image of a slumbering girl. The video ends with the keyword “3D Dungeon”.


Death Beneath the Labyrinth is in development for PlayStation Vita.

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