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Conception II Collector’s Edition Announced For Nintendo 3DS And Vita


Atlus have released new screenshots of Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, the baby-making RPG for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, slated for release in spring 2014. The screenshots are from the 3DS version of the game, and are accompanied by descriptions of some of the game’s characters and features. Check them out below.



This is the protagonist. He’s a “God’s Gift,” someone overflowing with the Star God’s power, and is the only chance humanity has at repelling the monsters emanating from the Pandora Labyrinth that threaten the world.


Fuuko and Chlotz:

Getting told you’re one of the chosen few on the first day of class sure beats getting detention on the first day of class. The new recruits who join you are Fuuko, one of the game’s seven heroines and the girl who makes the hero’s first Star Children, and the other is Chlotz, an awkwardly endearing best friend who suffers from chronic third-wheel syndrome.



alec the rival

And because Conception II takes place in a school, there has to be a rival. Meet Alec, who was the top student before the “God’s Gift” showed up to the school. Pompous, arrogant, and from a family with a background of enormous wealth and untouchable influence, Alec is quick and eager to take over the number one rank in the school, even without the natural talent of a “God’s Gift.”


In Conception II, as you go about the game, you’ll encounter heroines that can accompany you into dungeons. Successful conversations with these characters will raise your “Bond Points,” which you’ll need to create Star Children. Since each girl has her own personality, you’ll need to watch what you say, lest you tick them off. Doing so will make you temporarily incapable of making Star Children with them.


The other reason you want to have successful conversations is that the higher your bond with a heroine, the stronger she’ll be during dungeon trips. Each heroine also has her individual strengths and weaknesses, too, though.


In addition to its regular release, Atlus will release Conception II in a collector’s edition as well. The collector’s edition will be available for both 3DS and Vita, and will come with a 10-track CD arrangement composed by Masato Kouda, packed inside a special box. The special edition will be available alongside the game’s first print run. It will cost $40.


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