Conception Plus Details Arfie’s Role In The Game And The W Rite Of Love

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Spike Chunsoft’s upcoming expanded remaster of Conception Plus brings in a character that was first seen in the anime for Conception, Arfie. We got more info on her newly-revealed role, as well as some more mechanics you can take advantage of in the game. (Thanks, 4Gamer!)


Arfie (CV: Ai Kakuma)

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The thirteenth Star Maiden, representing Ophiuchus. As we’ve mentioned before, she’s also the young girl who trains the Star Children at the day care. Arfie’s straightforward and kind, and she hates anything that’s unfair. Because she feels a strong sense of responsibility, she’s sometimes strict when instructing the Star Children.


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It turns out that Arfie is also a Star Child from 30 years ago. She participated in the “Star Children to Star Maidens” experiments and became the Ophiuchus Star Maiden. Thus, she continued to grow up despite being a Star Child.

As someone who’s basically been around since the last time a Marebito was summoned, she holds strong feelings towards protecting Granvania and helps train Star Children at the day care.


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Arfie’s current powers as a Star Maiden are currently sealed for reasons she’ll explain to you in the story. After solving her problems, she’ll be able to use her full powers and create Star Children as well.


W (Double) Rite of Love

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The W Rite of Love is the process of creating Star Children together with two Star Maidens, instead of just one. Although you need stronger bonds with both Star Maidens, the process is worth it, as it takes the best of the individual stats from both Star Maidens. This means you can get strong Star Children with overall high stats that can easily use advanced classes.


Becoming Independent

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The Star Children have levels, and Star Children made with Star Maidens you have a stronger bond with have higher level caps. This means your early Star Children are unlikely to make headway further on and should be swapped out. However, these Star Children have other uses, such as making them go off and do various jobs in order to open new shops in the world. The Star Children will send you gifts from time to time as well.


Conception Plus: Please Deliver My Child! will be released in Japan on January 31, 2019 for PlayStation 4. Check out the other 12 Star Maidens in our previous report here.

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