Conquer The World With Your Own Mecha-Dinosaur In Kaiju-A-GoGo



Kerberos Productions has released its city-stomping action-strategy game Kaiju-A-GoGo on Steam.


You play a mad scientist with a view to take over the world. To this end, you send out your giant robot dinosaur called Ginormasaurus to crush 30 cities around the globe. But the military won’t make it as easy as that.


As Ginormasaurus plows down buildings and terrorizes the people, local and global resistance will increase and your kaiju will be put at risk, so you’ll want to prevent any chance of it being destroyed. You do this by upgrading it back at your secret lair with the loot that you collect.



There are over 90 attacks and powers to teach and grant your kaiju. But you’ll want to select them carefully as each can affect your nefarious strategies when flattening cities. You’ll also want to put some of your resources into upgrading your lair’s defenses as, eventually, the world will find you and launch a counter-attack.


In time, Kaiju-A-GoGo will get DLC so that you can also add new monsters to your line-up. They’ll each have a new set of attributes and possible powers to learn.  You can find out more about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman