Console Version Of Terra Battle Still Planned At 2 Million Downloads



Mistwalker has said once again that it will start development of a console version of its strategy RPG Terra Battle, currently available on iOS and Android, if and when the game is download two million times.


The “re-announcement” came as part of the new “Download Starter Campaign”, which sees new rewards unlocked every time a new milestone is reached.


At the time of writing, Terra Battle is nearing 600,000 downloads. This means that new characters will be added to the game that were created by Panzer Dragoon designer Manabu Kusunoki, Phantasy Star cover illustrator Hitoshi Yoneda, manga artist Nakaba Suzuki, and Final Fantasy IX and XII art director Hideo Minaba.


New music from Final Fantasy composer Nobou Uematsu has also been unlocked. In fact, it was the first one at 100,000 downloads.


The 2 million download mark is the final milestone of the campaign and is a way off yet. Before hitting that, there is an art book, more music, another scenario, illustrations, a strategy guide, and much more to unlock.


Hironobu Sakaguchi, founder of Mistwalker, said that the team “didn’t anticipate Terra Battle eclipsing the 500,000 mark this quickly, so that’s a testament to the passion of [their] players.” He also added that they’ll “continue to leave it in players’ hands to determine what Download Starter Campaign rewards are on the horizon.”

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