Console Wars Erupt On iPhone

P.S. Three-san is a “manga” that originally debuted as a webcomic. The series is a fun manga-esque take on the console wars, chronicling the life of idol PS3-san, who is struggling to follow in the footsteps of her predecessor and mother, Single-san (guess who) and her onee-chan, PS2.

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Just as in real life, Three-san’s growth is hampered by the competition, namely Wii-san, DS-san and Hakomaru-san (the 360). The supporting cast largely comprises of the appropriately crazy Sega-san, Koei-san and a bunch of other Japanese publishers including Capcom.


Since a lot of the strips centre around really obscure game-related memes and Japanese games industry trends; congratulations for anyone wanting to prove how hardcore they are — you’ve found the means to do so. I doubt even anyone at Siliconera would get all the references.


Naturally, this sort of thing would not fly at all in the Western market, first and foremost due to copyright issues and touchy legal departments, so game developer/localizer Mission-One — who operate out of Tokyo for the curious — are changing some of the names around for their localized iPhone version.


The “new” cast includes Triple, Single, Whee!, Dee S., X-Locks, Saygah, Comcap, 32-EX, popular music group Dee Cast and so on. Volume 1 of P.S. Triple is available on the iTunes store right now, and the localized volume 2 will debut on July 9.


While the series is currently only available on iTunes, it would be neat to see it eventually make its way over to DSiWare and the PSP where it would arguably be more relevant.

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