Consuming Remains Grants You Power In Rephaim: The Shattered City



Players will be able to consume the remains of their ancestors, drawing powers from them, or snub their forefathers in favor of consuming monsters for power in Rephaim: The Shattered City, a sidescrolling action game in development.




Rephaim: The Shattered City casts players as the Mother of Exiles, leader of a tribe of nomads and a descendant of a people who were cursed by the gods for their abuse of power. At least, that is what the legends say. They had been cut off from their home city by a powerful sandstorm when they were cursed, but now, the storm has slowed, and the players will help lead her inside to find wealth, danger, and the truth.


Players will face off against large monsters with intelligent attack patterns, forcing players to fight carefully and keep an eye on their health, stamina, and manna. Players can easily find themselves drained while fighting and dodging as they wait for an open window to attack, so managing meters will be key as players fight.




Players will be able to increase their power in various ways. They can find lost equipment in the sandstorm-swept city, bolstering themselves with weapons, armor, and new magic spells they find. They can also gain power from absorbing their ancestors’ energies, consuming remains they find along the way. Players can refuse to do this to make for a more challenging game, but will still be able to get some power from monster remains instead.


Rephaim: The Shattered City is currently raising funding on Kickstarter and votes on Steam Greenlight. It is projected to release in late 2017 or early 2018.

Alistair Wong
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