Contest: Win Palais de Reine for Steam

Enter to win Palais de Reine in this week's contest!

Enter to win a Steam copy of Palais de Reine in this week’s contest!

I can barely manage anything in my own life without writing it down and having numerous calendar notifications bugging me to actually do it. So the idea of running an entire kingdom while managing a love life and simply staying alive throughout the whole thing is pretty damned daunting. I’m kinda scared just thinking about it.

If all of that sounds like a fun challenge to you, then you’re in luck! We’ve got three Steam copies of virtual novel/kingdom management sim Palais de Reine up for grabs so you can get your queen on!

Palais de Reine

Read the synopsis below if you’re unfamiliar with the game, and be sure to check out our review to get into the nitty gritty!

Palais de Reine is a diplomatic queen simulation + medieval fantasy romance.

As Filia, the sole heiress to the late king, you should have inherited the throne immediately, but the nobles in your court strongly doubt your fitness. After much bickering, they decide to give you one year (no more, no less) to prove your worth.

During this trial, you may choose four nobles to help you lead your country to prosperity, showing all who doubted you just how wrong they were.

…Or, you can let your heart betray you, and take one as your consort.

The fate of the land lies in your hands! What kind of queen will you be?

A queen simulator sounds real cool, but man I’d pay top dollar for a Queen simulation game.

How To Win

Use the widget below to enter. Leave your name and email address, and be sure to enter daily. Click around in that bad boy for ways to earn bonus entries to increase your odds at being queen of our contest.

We’re giving away three Steam copies; winners will be drawn July 4, 2020.

You can rule your own kingdom with Palais de Reine, available now for Steam.

Siliconera Contest: Win Palais de Reine for Steam

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