Contraptions Parkour Has Players Building Intricate Machines To Solve Puzzles


Contraptions Parkour tasks players with solving problems by building complex machines, giving them an array of parts like wheels, pistons, springs, cannons, and more to get through whatever complex situation the game throws at them.


Contraptions Parkour is about allowing players to be creative, giving them an array of pieces to build a machine that will solve whichever puzzle or challenge is before them. The puzzles may involve getting up a ramp or over a wall, or dealing with obstacles that get in the player’s way.

To do this, players will design any type of machine they feel will deal with their problems. They can use wheels and motors to give their machine the ability to move, and then arm it with rockets, swords, and other weaponry to allow them to get through any barrier that might block their path. There are forty different types of building blocks players can use to make up their machine, allowing for a great deal of freedom to create anything they feel will complete the challenge or puzzle.


Contraptions Parkour is currently in development with a release to be determined, according to its Steam Page.

Alistair Wong
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