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Cooking Mama: Cookstar Allegedly Removed as a Result of Legal Battle

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With new voices speaking up over the Cooking Mama: Cookstar controversy that sparked up over the weekend, an anonymous developer of the game has spoken up, and revealed that the mess has supposedly been caused by a legal dispute between publisher Planet Entertainment and IP holder Office Create that is being kept mum. [Thanks, Screen Rant!]

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First, as previously clarified, the game indeed does not contain a bitcoin miner. The marketing about the game using blockchains were apparently just “buzzwords” that were meant to help win over investors. Rather, the overheating of Nintendo Switches that caused suspicion is being caused by issues due to the game being developed in Unity, as many of the staff working on this as their first game product. The anonymous employee added that things like cryptocurrency miners wouldn’t have gotten by Nintendo and Sony’s rigorous checks.

But what about the disappearance of the game and all mentions of the game? According to the informant, this is the result of legal battle between publisher Planet Entertainment and IP holder Office Create. The latter wanted the game to stay in development longer, but Planet ended up releasing the game anyways. As such, Office Create took drastic measures to take down the game from the eShop. Even advertising on Youtube, sites, and TikTok was blocked, which is why the game had such a quiet “launch.”

With Planet Entertainment currently seemingly suing Office Create for lost money, the developer concludes that it’s unsure whether Cooking Mama: Cookstar will see the light of day again.

Cooking Mama: Cookstar was previously available for a brief period on Nintendo Switch.

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