Copy & Mix Enemy Abilities To Make Spells In Möira

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Möira, a sidescroller with a Game Boy aesthetic that has players learning enemy abilities to create new weapons and spells for themselves, has started raising development funds on Kickstarter.




Möira is an action platformer in which wizard Rubrick must find his missing master. To do so, he’ll cross several stages across a magical world, using his ability to mimic the abilities of his enemies. He can then mix those abilities together to create new powers and attacks, solving puzzles and fighting creatures off with these concocted abilities.




The order in which you mix abilities together matters, as mixing sword with beam gives players a magic sword, but mixing beam with sword gives an enchanted boomerang. This gives players many options for abilities, encouraging players to experiment and have fun with the power.




These powers can also be used to access secret areas of earlier stages, giving players a reason to go back and replay previous areas for hidden power-ups and NPCs. 




Möira offers several different palettes to change up the Game Boy visuals. Players can see some of this for themselves by playing the short demo of the game, available on

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