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Corrin Coming To Super Smash Bros.



Another Fire Emblem character is coming to Super Smash Bros. Corrin will be joining the fight. The beginning of the last Super Smash Bros Direct began with footage of both the male and female Corrins fighting existing characters.


Corrin wields the Omega Yato in the game, but can also use the Dragon Fang ability to transform into a dragon. Parts of Corrin’s body will change as the character uses different abilities. For example, the character will sprout wings when performing back attacks.


The video went over Corrin’s specials as well. Dragon Fang Shot is Corrin’s standard special. It paralyzes opponents temporarily and turns Corrin’s hand into a fist. There’s also a Dragon Lunge side. It can pin an opponent in place or help pin Corrin to a surface. Dragon Ascent is the Up Special, and Counter Surge is the down special. Torrential Roar is Corrin’s Final Smash. It pulls enemies into a torrent of water.


Corrin will not come with a special stage. The character comes with “Lost in Thought, All Alone” and a remix of the challenge song. These will play during Fire Emblem stages in the Wii U version. Ryoma and Xander trophies will be added to the Nintendo 3DS version.


Super Smash Bros will see Corrin in February 2016. That’s the same month that Fire Emblem Fates will be released on the Nintendo 3DS.

Jenni Lada
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