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Could Sceptile Be The New Pokémon For Pokkén Tournament?


Pokken Tournament Sceptile

It was announced last week that a new Pokémon along with some supports will be announced for Pokkén Tournament on December 10, and a recent image has surfaced that may have revealed the new challenger[Thanks, Serebii.]



Upon closer inspection of the image with Pokénchi presenter Shoko Nakagawa, AKA Shokotan, there’s a sign which showcases Sceptile as a playable character, along with Electrode and Farfetfch’d as support Pokémon.


With the hint that was given to us of with a Pokémon with the letter “ン” (“n” in katakana, and the only kana that does not end in a vowel sound) in its Japanese name, it also fits since Sceptile is called ジュカイン Jukain in Japanese.


In any case, this isn’t a certain thing for now and we’ll get the official word come Thursday when they announce the new character on December 10.

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