Cover Details Actions Taken to Protect Hololive VTubers From Defamation

Cover Details Actions Taken to Protect Hololive VTubers From Defamation

Making good on its December 2022 statement, Cover taken action against slander and defamation directed at its Hololive VTubers. The Hololive parent company stated that it took measures to handle 146 cases between January and December 2022. It also promised to continue to take action to ensure the safety of its talents.

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Per Cover’s announcement, the company sent cease and desist notices to offenders, as well as filed requests for disclosure of information. A request for disclosure has already been approved in response to death threats, as it was ruled that the talents’ personal rights had been violated.

Disclosure requests have also been filed against online bulletin boards for “particularly malicious postings.” Cover noted that three requests had been approved, while three more are pending court proceedings. Three other disclosure requests are pending court proceedings for similar postings on social media sites.

Cover worked with Anycolor, Nijisanji’s parent company, to contact and negotiate with aggregator website administrators. Specifically, the two companies reached out to sites that posted content “resulting in defamation or a loss of confidence in our talents/Virtual Livers.” A settlement was agreed upon that forbid acts of or aiding rights infringement and defamation against VTubers from both groups.

Should fans come across slander or defamation of Hololive VTubers, Cover asked that they use an official form to report it. The company also mentioned that it will offer its VTubers mental and emotional support as needed.

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