Cowardice Is Your Best Weapon In The Maid-San’s Caving Adventure

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The Maid-San’s Caving Adventure, previously available on Xbox Live Indie Games, has found a new life on PC, bringing its cowardice-based sidescrolling to a new platform.



Maid-San, for whatever reason, is trapped inside a series of caves, and must deal with the demons who live there to escape it. However, she has no way of hurting the powerful beasts, so all she can do is drop to the ground and tremble, which makes them leave her alone (possibly in disgust). Her visual range drops when she does this, though, making it hard to know when it is safe to get back up again, so players will have to carefully decide when to get moving again.

Maid-San has other issues to deal with. There are several types of demon, each with different movements styles that can be more erratic, as well as greater degrees of persistence when they chase after her. Also, if Maid-San enters cold water and fills up her Sneeze Gauge, she may start sneezing, which will draw nearby demons over to her.



The Maid-San’s Caving Adventure is available now on Steam.

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