Crack Magic Whips And Climb Waterfalls In Agetec’s Upcoming DSiWare Games

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It’s been nearly a year since we talked about Agetec. After publishing Paul’s Shooting Adventure for DSiWare, they’re back once again, this time with an assortment of DSiWare titles, all being released soon in the U.S.


Snippets of these, like Paul’s Shooting Adventure, come by way of the ESRB, who rated the games for their U.S. release. The first two titles are rated Everyone 10+, and the last is rated Everyone.



Content descriptors: Suggestive Themes

Rating summary: This is an action game in which players drive a miniature car through grid-like levels to collect coins and bonus points. As they drive around each track, players can also use oil slicks to slow down pursuers (i.e., police cars). Some loading screens contain female characters dressed in tight shirts that highlight their cleavage; the title screen depicts a woman in a short skirt and suggestive pose that accentuates her buttocks.


Kung Fu Dragon

Content descriptors: Mild Cartoon Violence, Suggestive Themes

Rating summary: This is an action game in which players control a martial arts trainee who must climb waterfalls. As players traverse from one platform to the next, they must avoid falling boulders and “cartoony” bird enemies that squawk and disappear when jumped on. Players must also defeat larger bird bosses that emit feather-like projectiles; if players’ character is knocked off a platform, s/he will cry out and fall off screen. On one recurring menu screen, a woman is depicted in an outfit that accentuates her breasts and exposes the side of her buttocks.


Magical Whip: Wizards of Phantasmal Forest

Content descriptors: Comic Mischief

Rating summary:

This is an action game in which players assume the role of young wizards who must find their way out of an enchanted forest. As players hop around each stage, they use a magical whip to dispatch small whimsical monsters (e.g., blobs, ghosts, bats, jack-o-lanterns) and larger bosses; enemies blink and spin off screen when defeated.


Right, so that’s two games with a woman’s buttocks, and one with a magical whip. DotMan was originally developed by Silver Star in Japan. You can watch a trailer of the game above, accentuated buttocks and all.

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