Crack Open A Toaster And Washing Machine In Vita’s AR Box Opening Game

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Box! Open Me is a downloadable title for the PlayStation Vita in Japan. The main goal of the game is to open various boxes around you, which can be found through AR cards or simply by using the Vita’s camera feature and finding boxes around you.


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The boxes found in Box! Open Me consist of various puzzle mechanisms. Many of them require players to press, slide and spin different parts of the box to open them for prizes found inside.


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Players level up by opening more boxes. The higher your level, the harder the box puzzles become. With a total of 50 different boxes, players can unlock the ‘Last Area’ levels once they’ve opened them all. The Last area will feature the most challenging puzzles players have yet to encounter.


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The higher level boxes can be really tricky, players will be required to inspect them from different angles in order to obtain their rewards.



For players that want to take their box opening skills to a whole other level, there’s the Toaster Oven and Washer DLC boxes. The Toaster Oven has a fish in it, which players will have to perfectly grill in order to open. Overheating the fish will cause it to explode. Beware!




Think you’re an expert at washing clothes? Take your skills for a spin with the Washer box.


Box! Open Me is currently available on the PlayStation Network. The Toaster Oven and Washer DLC are also available for 100 yen each.

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