Create Boats & Explore The Seas In Make Sail

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Make Sail gives players a watery world of striking islands to explore, but only if they can build a boat that’s hardy enough to handle the journey.


For players to wander the waters in Make Sail, they’ll need to build their own boat, first. Players will be given an array of pieces they can concoct their ship from, using various sails, masts, and propellers, as well as magic and other varied materials and powers, to build something that can survive storms, debris, and rocks. Whether building for strength with iron or speed with wood, it’s up to the player to assess how they wish to sail and then build toward it.

Once players have a ship constructed, they can head out into a procedurally-built world made of pre-constructed islands. These may contain striking sights, new pieces to add to the player’s boat, or danger in the form of storms or hidden hazards. Players will need to use real world sailing skills  to reach these places as well, taking wind and water viscosity into account. While these can be learned from the game, a little real sailing experience does help.


Make Sail is available now on Steam Early Access.

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