Nintendo 3DS

Create Your Dream Boyfriend In Style Savvy: Trendsetters’ New Mode In Japan


While North America recently got a new Miiverse community for Style Savvy: Trendsetters, Japan will be getting an updated version of the game that has new features for the fashion dress-up title. Nintendo have provided a look at some of these.



Previously, MC Mode required you to match your clothing according to a certain theme, but this time, you’ll be going on the walkway using your own coordinated style. The good MC will then judge your fashion sense.



The game will also include a new “Dream Boyfriend” mode, which takes place in your dreams. In this mode, you’ll be able to create your very own ideal boyfriend. Additionally, you’ll be able to go to all kinds of different places on dates. You’ll also be able to change his appearance, if you feel like dating another dream boyfriend.


Meanwhile, Daisy the florist will also be back to tell your fortune according to your dress coordination, once a day.


In Teagan’s special effects AR studio, you’ll be able to see all the characters you’ve encountered using your 3DS camera and AR cards and check what kind of reactions they put on show as they come to life.


Finally, you’ll be able to visit the home of Emmylou, your former co-worker, who will be giving you all kinds of advices on life and how to manage your shop.


The updated Style Savvy: Trendsetters will be released on April 17 in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. However, existing owners of the title will be able to update their game with the new features via the Nintendo eShop for free, starting March 26th.

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