GAE Inc., developers of My World My Way on the Nintendo DS have a 3DS game in development. Titled Surprise! Tobidasu! The Magic Pen, the title is described as a “drawing adventure” with a neat hook.


In The Magic Pen, objects you draw on the Nintendo 3DS touchscreen using the stylus are created within the game. You can create buildings, plants, animals, characters, clothes, food and so on. While this may sound a little like Scribbblenauts, object-creation in The Magic Pen is rather detailed, and you can’t go about drawing any old object you like.


GAE say there are over 120 items to create. In Drawing mode, you draw the shape of the object you want to create. Then, in colouring mode, you fill in the colour using a customizable brush thickness.


Once they materialize, objects tie in to the game’s progression as well. You can create objects to help you enlarge the game world. This allows you to meet new characters and further the story. 


You can even find true love, according to GAE! You play as a girl in The Magic Pen. One aspect of game involves talking to the male characters and earning their trust. GAE plan to release Surprise! Tobidasu! The Magic Pen sometime this summer in Japan for 3,990 yen.



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