Creator Of Midora Offers Refunds, Hasn’t Given Up On The Game Yet



Mhyre, the game director at developer Epic Minds, is offering refunds to the people who backed the top-down, pixel-style RPG Midora on Kickstarter.


If you didn’t hear, back in October, Epic Minds put out a call for investors and publishers to fund the game’s development. Now that 2015 is over, and no investors have been found for Midora, Epic Minds has decided that it’s time to offer refunds to people who want them as the project is put on hold.


Unfortunately, the money raised through the Kickstarter has been spent, so if you want a refund you’re going to have to wait. Mhyre is taking all the responsibility for the failed project and the refunds, but is the only one of the team who doesn’t have a stable job – he’s working on side projects and other small jobs.


“I first have to pay back close relatives and other parties that helped me way before the kickstarter,” Myhre writes. “Then, I will have to stabilize my own situation. I can’t offer refunds as soon as I earn money from a new job. I will need to save up money to create my own insurance, to be able to cover unexpected situations, emergencies.”


The refunds will be issued through PayPal and, once the refunds are actually available, a webpage will be opened up for people to make a claim and be put on the waiting list – it’s expected to start next summer.


Despite all of this, Mhyre hasn’t given up on Midora yet, as the plan is to get it back on track as soon as possible and perhaps one day deliver the game to Kickstarter backers.

Chris Priestman