Creators Of Dropsy Unveil A Barmy Game About A Monster Exterminator

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Have you played Dropsy? It only came out a few months ago so perhaps you haven’t got around to it yet. But, somehow, the creators of that offbeat point-and-click clown-venture already have lots of work done on their next collaboration.


Let’s give ‘em names, shall we? It’s Jay Tholen and Jesse Bull (from indie studio A Jolly Corpse) and the game is called Douglas Circumstance – it’s described as “an 8-bit inspired platform shooter set in a world full of memorable monsters.”


The nerdy dude that the game’s named after is a monster exterminator. And you have to help him as he carries around big guns, breathes heavily, and destroys maggot brains and the like. Tholen and Bull say it combines pixel-perfect platforming, twitch shooting, and secret-hunting and hopes it’ll remind you of classics like Mega Man, Duck Tales, and Contra.


Each of the levels in the game are apparently non-linear as they act as 2D labyrinths made to be navigated, and full of traps, puzzles, secrets, and of course monsters. Plus, while most of the game seems to be a side-scrolling shooter, there are moments when it gets completely wild and changes format – you might be “rapelling into a cave, blasting into the skies on a motorcycle, or diving into the midst of another video game.”


If all this is tickling your fancy then you may want to consider backing Douglas Circumstance on Kickstarter. Tholen and Bull are looking for $25,000 and hope to have it finished by September 2016.

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