Creeping Terror’s Multiple Endings Offer A Minor Incentive To Keep Playing

Like many thrillers, there is not just one ending in Creeping Terror. People have an opportunity to earn one of four different endings as they play. Fortunately for those who are completionists, it seems like the sort of game where it is not too difficult to see every possible one. It all comes down to Arisa’s actions after a specific point in the game. What you do and don’t do after reaching the hospital seems to be the key when it comes to getting the endings.

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Once you get to the hospital for the first time in Creeping Terror, you start getting an opportunity to reunite with Emily, Bob, and Ken. It’s your decisions when first happening upon this event and the information you get that determines what does or doesn’t happen in the rather brief ending. We’ll be going through this in a spoiler-free fashion. But to start, when you first get the hospital, you will have two courses of action. You can either search the hospital for Ken (and not find him) or you can head to the safe room with medical supplies to help Bob. Two of the endings trigger upon searching for Ken, while you head down the path for the other two by going back to Bob.


The next element influencing the ending has to do with a safe you can find in the safe room and whether or not you open it. In each of these possible routes, you will have an opportunity to get a lab key that lets you into the Lab and a safe key that lets you open the safe room’s safe. One ending is acquired by choosing to go to Bob in the safe room, then immediately going to the lab when you have the lab key. The other happens if you go to the safe room with Bob immediately when you have the chance, then when you have both the safe and lab key, go open the safe in the Safe Room before heading to the Lab. Likewise, similar condition happen if you go look for Ken. In one case, you should head to the Lab right away when you have its key and in the other you take your safe key to open the safe before heading back to the lab. In each of these cases, I had all or almost all the Clinical Record documents when I earned these endings.


HjHFXVy3lBIFAsyNLWWhs_snK9wChB14 In a way, having such simple ending triggers is fitting for Creeping Terror. This is not a long thriller. You can probably get through your first playthrough in about four hours so so. There are not that many opportunities where the path can deviate for Arisa, so it only makes sense to limit things a bit. I had no idea how to even get the safe key the first time around, so the first two endings I earned didn’t even involve that element. It was only after getting the lab key and messing around in the elevator to get to it that I ended up even getting this extra key.


While the four endings are nice, I did not feel like there was enough of an incentive to go ahead and earn all of them. Creeping Terror is so short and the actual endings themselves are so brief that I felt satisfied after getting one ending that didn’t involve the content of the safe and one that did. Others may feel differently, of course.


Creeping Terror is available for the Nintendo 3DS and PC. It is also in development for the Nintendo Switch.

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