This Creepy, Cel-Shaded Horror Adventure Through Hell Has A Great Visual Style



Solo Belgian game developer Dascumaru has released a new trailer for their cel-shaded horror adventure Malebolgia, which is set in a demonic palace situated in the deepest Circle of Hell.


You’re taken through the dark palace as the battle-weary Leobold, who has to fight through this bastion of hell in order to find freedom, which involves bypassing the Emperor of Hell himself.


“The characters and story are inspired by Dante Alighieri’s “Inferno”, the ranks and nobility of the “Ars Goetia” and European history at the dawn of the 20th century,” writes Dascumaru about the game.


Malebolgia focuses on atmosphere, which is provided in scoops by the overbearing darkness that you’ll have to wander through with only a torch and a sword with you.


There are huge monsters, devils, and macabre ghouls to encounter, which you’ll have to battle or avoid, always keeping your wits about you. As you progress, Leobold sees some familiar faces and slowly realizes why he’s trapped in the palace in the first place.


Malebolgia will be released for Windows this coming winter (before the end of the year). Mac, Linux, and maybe console ports will be considered at a later date. You can keep up with the game on its website.

Chris Priestman