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Criminal Girls 2 Introduces A Mysterious Redhead Named Enri



Nippon Ichi’s upcoming PlayStation Vita game Criminal Girls 2 is featured in this week’s Dengeki PlayStation, and the magazine preview shares a little bit on what will be revealed in the magazine issue.


In Criminal Girls 2, you’ll encounter a mysterious new character by the name “Enri”. She’s the girl shown on the above image. Everything about her is unknown, and nobody knows about her objective and why she appears in front of the protagonist and the half-sinners.


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As previously reported, Criminal Girls 2 will have an improved battle system, that will feature a new “Instruction” system that will be the key to winning battles.


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The Punishments will also be more intense than ever.


Criminal Girls 2 will release in Japan on November 26, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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