Criminal Girls X Introduces The Gameplay Flow, And The Criminal Girls Nana, Misora, And Yuiko


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Mikage LLC has released new info for Criminal Girls X via the game’s Campfire page, including three of the five heroines that will be revealed early (out of 24 total), as well as the general gameplay flow, and the battle section’s first screenshot.


Protagonist (CV: Yuuichirou Umehara)

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A youth who went to Shura, the world just before hell, in order to bring back your “loved one”.


Nana (CV: Chiwa Saitou)

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A free spirit with a beautiful appearance, and a surprisingly strong side.


Misora (CV: Unannounced)

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A girl with a gentle appearance and atmosphere, who’s passive and introverted, and likes animals.


Yuiko (CV: Unannounced)

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A very upfront and boyish girl with a leader-type personality, but has a tendency to pressure people with her words.


Gameplay (Battle; VR compatible)

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While it seems like the game has turned into an FPS, Mikage LLC assures that it’s a command-style RPG that uses the series’ traditional approach of taking up suggestions from the girls on their actions. The game will transition from the encounter phase seamlessly to this perspective.


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Additionally, Mikage shared Criminal Girls X’s gameplay flow, including the battle part shown above, which goes into boss battles where players retrieve a fragment of their memory (details coming April 26), which then goes into the real world part and Shura parts, which are visual novel style and have scenes similar to previous games (more details coming June 25). One thing new about the text parts is the addition of dialog choices to increase the heroines’ affection for you.


From the Shura section, you can then train the heroines’ in the the Teaching part of gameplay, where you teach them to accept their sins. You can also subliminate (evolve) them by giving them the determination to accept their sins by reaching max affection and regaining all memories, which will be shown as a special animation sequence. (More details on both coming late August).


Finally, after Sublimination, you have the Love part, which replaces the Punishment Sessions of previous games. You will be able to enjoy a fortunate and happy life (in various respects) with the heroine. More details are coming for this part in July, and this section is planned to be VR-compatible as well.


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Finally, a timeline has been shared on Twitter, which shows several key events, including:

  • April 26: Official site opened
  • May 31: VR footage reveal
  • Feb 2020: F2P version release
  • May 2020: Single-pay version release (if met)
  • January 2021: Criminal Girls X “Season 1” ends (planned)


While Mikage previously spoke about how “the story would have an ending”, it seems that the main game for Criminal Girls X will only last from Feb 2020 to January 2021, meaning just less than a year to experience the game’s story with the 24 heroines as it updates. A “Season 2” is mentioned, but will depend on Season 1’s success by August 2020.


Criminal Girls X is currently in development for PCs and both Android and Apple iOS devices in Japan. A possible western PS4 release may occur.

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