Criminal Girls X May Support High-End VR Later On, And Will Have A Clear Ending

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Mikage LLC. has revealed that Criminal Girls X, which was announced earlier today, will focus on lower-end VR units with a possibility of adding support for high-end VR on PC and maybe PS4.


The information comes from Mikage LLC.’s Twitter, where it was reaffirmed that VR will not be necessary to play the game. According to them, while they discussed higher-end VR units like PSVR, they decided to aim for the cheaper budget headsets so that it may reach more players. That said, because the game is developed on a PC base, it’s possible to add in high-end VR unit support, but that’s to be discussed later on.


As for the story, main storywriter Sou Yoda stated that he understands people are curious about what will change in terms of story considering the shift from consoles to mobiles. He reassured that the main story will be quite traditional and will have a clear ending. Mikage gave the greenlight, and left Yoda to write the story as he pleased. As the first Criminal Girls was Yoda’s first time working as a main scenario writer back then, he’s hoping to test out just how much he’s grown as a writer, and see how the game industry and user needs have changed.


Criminal Girls X is in development for iOS, Android, and PC in Japan, and may possibly release on PlayStation 4 in the West. More info is set to be released on April 26, 2019, and you can read more about it in our first report here.

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