Criminal Girls X Reaches Its Crowdfunding Goal In Just A Day; New Info On Western Release In September


crimgirls 2

Criminal Girls X’s crowdfunding campaign on Campfire opened yesterday, and within 24 hours, it reached its goal of 6,000,000 yen.


The crowdfunding campaign was for a show of interest in a pay-once version of the game (alongside partially covering development costs), as well as extra goods for the project. As of the time of this writing, the campaign has nearly 400 supporters, with nearly 7,000,000 yen raised.


Mikage LLC. thanked the backers for supporting their campaign, and also had some news to share for English viewers – news on that release is coming around September 2019.


Additionally, they have shared a bit more info on the game, such as a screenshot of the screen where you choose orders for the heroines:

crimgirls 3


The girl you see in the picture, aside from Wakana, Misora, and Yuiko is Usagi, the fifth and last heroine to be introduced early:

crimgirls 4

Finally, Mikage LLC. showed off a new video featuring a song from the game, featuring cosplayer chamomile dressed up as main heroine Nana:



Criminal Girls X is currently in development for PCs and both Android and Apple iOS devices in Japan. A possible western PS4 release may occur. You can find the game’s Campfire page for the single-pay version here.

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