Criminal Girls X Unveils All 24 Heroines Who Need To Be Reformed


Mikage LLC unveiled all 24 heroines for Criminal Girls X today, alongside an explanation of the gameplay with screenshots. Additionally, they revealed that the console game version will be developed by Nippon Ichi Software, who they have entered into a contract with. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Check out the heroines below:

Group A

From left to right:

  • Misora (CV: Nanahira)
  • Nana (CV: Chiwa Saitou)
  • Yuiko (CV: Yuki Aoi)


Group B

From left to right:

  • Mikimoto (CV: ?)
  • Nina (CV: Nakuru Aitsuki)
  • Usagi (CV: Miku Itou)
  • Marcia (CV: ?)
  • Wakana (CV: Yui Asami)


Group C

From left to right:

  • Tamaki (CV: ?)
  • Emiri (CV candidate: Qkiki)
  • Megu (CV: ?)
  • Ai (CV: ?)
  • Hotaru (CV: ?)


Group D

From left to right:

  • Satsuki (CV: ?)
  • Shino (CV: ?)
  • Celica (CV: ?)
  • Ranran (CV: ?)
  • Hotaru (CV: ?) – This is a mistake in Mikage LLC’s press release.


Group E

From left to right:

  • Hiyori (CV: ?)
  • Mayoi (CV: ?)
  • Kanami (CV: ?)
  • Sumire (CV: ?)
  • Chika (CV: ?)
  • Ichigo (CV: ?)


Key Characters

From left to right:

  • ??? (CV: ?)
  • Main character (CV: Yuuichiro Umehara)
  • ??? (CV: Hikari Kubota)

All the main character designs were created by Kei Nozomi.


Home Screen

Battle: Enter dungeons and progress the main story. On some floors, you can bond with the Criminal Girls. Enemies in the dungeon will drop materials you can refine your weapons with.

Memory: Beating the boss of each floor will unlock memory fragments, which you can spend to unlock the girl’s memories of their crimes committed in the real world. When you unlock all of them, the girl will…

Equipment & Weapon: Equip weapons and items found in the Shura dungeons.

Shop: Equipment and item gacha. (Some can be earned via rewards.)

Research: Character gacha.

Movie: Every hour you can watch a CM to earn points that can be spent in the shop.

Daily Reward: Daily quests.


Battle Prep Screen

You jump to this screen if you choose Battle on the home screen. Floors are separated into normal battle-only floors, story event floors, Favor Event floors, and boss floors. You choose one main motorbike rider and four support units.



On floors without events, battles will begin within the dungeon floor, where you need to beat the floor within a time limit. You’ll fail if you run out of HP or out of time. Battles are turn-based, and basic attacks are a round of full auto fire. If you run out of bullets, you’ll need to click the reload button and spend a turn.

(Battles are in full 3D and support VR)

Like the previous games, the Criminal Girls will give suggestions for their actions that you can command them to take. (The frequency of suggestions increases as they level up.) Make the right choices based on the current assessment of the battle.

That said, if your favor with the girls is low, sometimes the results won’t be as good as you expect.



The world of Criminal Girls X is inspired by the wheel of life concept from Buddhism alongside original elements, and the Oni are beings that test those who wish to reincarnate from Shura as dungeon bosses.


Memory Events

Events where you unlock the girls’ memories. They are unlocked in various ways by fulfilling different requirements.


2D Visual Novel Sections

The main story and memory sections are played via the 2D visual novel format.


3D Adventure

Adventure sections that have full 3D models appear. These sections will also have music such as character songs.

The story will have you helping these 24 girls leave the Shura realm and reincarnate, and if you are successful, you’re treated with a “reward scene” that will be introduced in the future.


Criminal Girls X x Nippon Ichi Software

The console version of Criminal Girls X that will be playable offline is to be developed by Nippon Ichi Software. The current contract has the console version begin development after the release of the mobile version.


Criminal Girls X is in development for the PC and both Android and Apple iOS devices. The current Japanese launch window for the free-to-play version is February 2020, while the full paid version has a May 2020 release window.

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