Cross Fate Combines Third-Person Mech Shooting With Visual Novel


    Currently on Kickstarter, Cross Fate brings a choice-driven visual novel to the tactical third-person mech shooter.


    Most of the time, you’ll be taking command of a squad as you fight in your giant robots on the battlefield. You get to choose who to take with you, taking into account their unique traits and abilities, and then go on missions located on different alien planets. How you lead your squad and how well you fare in battle will affect your team’s morale.


    You also get to customize your own mech, changing each of its body parts, as well as equipping it with abilities such as increased armor, dashes, and thermal cameras, and weapons including guns and blades. As you progress, you’ll unlock more equipment and level up your mech. You squad members also improve over time, unlocking new talents and abilities.


    Outside of the battling, though, you’ll experience the story in visual novel style. Conversations between the squad members will be fully voiced. There’s also a narrator who is voiced by Mike Pollock who you may know as the voice of Dr. Eggman in the Sonic series.


    The team behind Cross Fate are looking for $90,000 on Kickstarter to finish its development for PC. There are also stretch goals to expand the game’s content and add a multiplayer mode.

    Chris Priestman

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