Cross Summoner Mixes Old School Graphical Charm With Time-Sensitive Combat


Cross Summoner is a new sidescrolling mobile RPG game from Pokelabo.

While the game is on mobile, it’s attracting attention for its great graphics and combat that brings to mind similar chain-attack battle RPGs like Valkyrie Profile or Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier.

Fights work by having players tap characters, who then rush over and begin their chain of attacks on foes. It’s up to players to combo these moves together by tapping on other characters as they each begin to cool down after unleashing spells or skills.

Landing consecutive hits can stop foes from fighting back, and it’s also possible to air-juggle enemies by timing combos right. As you land more and more hits bonus damage also piles up. A power gauge will let you unleash special moves once it’s full.

Cross Summoner is out now on iOS and Android.