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Crossing Souls To Bring Teens, Conspiracies, And The Summer Of 1986 To PS4, PS Vita



A quiet town, five neighborhood friends, and the uncovering of shadowy forces – Crossing Souls is all a bit EarthBound. And it was revealed during Sony’s E3 press conference that it’s heading to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, as well as PC.


It’s an action-adventure with real-time combat that lets you switch between the varying abilities and attacks of the five friends on the fly. One of them wields a whip, the other does a roly-poly attack, while another fires a red NES Zapper. You’ll need to mix up your attacks as you go up against government conspirators, local authorities, and evil specters, exploiting their weaknesses.


 crossing_souls_videogame_screenshot-1 crossing_souls_videogame_screenshot-2

Crossing Souls bears influences from games such as A Link to the Past but the defining inspiration is older Saturday morning cartoons. It’s set during the summer of 1986 and so it takes all the color from that era and puts it into its visuals and enemy designs – it’ll even have a “Back to the Future” mission.


It starts with the five friends discovering an artefact that lets them travel between the worlds of the living and the dead and balloons out from there with the teens having to put their lives at risk in order to save their home town. As Crossing Souls has only recently been Kickstarted there’s not too much to show off at this time but you can find out more on its website.

Chris Priestman