CRT Visuals Give Gunmetal Arcadia A Classic NES Look



Gunmetal Arcadia features optional CRT visuals for players who want a true retro look as they fight through the deadly creatures of this perma-death roguelike sidescroller.




Gunmetal Arcadia is a follow-up to Gunmetal Arcadia Zero, having players act as one of the tech elves – Vireo, Grackle, Thrush, or Starling – as they face the forces of the Unmade Empire. Players can choose to act as any one of these heroes, each with their own weapons, health bar, and combat/movement style, for their playthrough. They can also equip them with several dozen items, from stat boosting equipment to passive buffs to melee and ranged weapons.


Gunmetal Arcadia shuffles items, shop contents, and parts of dungeons on each run. Shops will also change depending on which of two factions the player joins during the game. Depending on who the player allies with, certain shops will get cheaper, and others will grow more expensive.




Permadeath adds further challenge to the game, but depending on which events the player clears, they will unlock new bonuses for their next playthrough.


Gunmetal Arcadia draws inspiration from games like Zelda II and Faxanadu, and from those retro inspirations, the developer also added an optional CRT filter that will make the game appear as if it’s being played on an older television.




Gunmetal Arcadia is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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