Crush And Devour Invaders In Your Lair In The Dweller



In puzzle game The Dweller, players act as an underground beast, creeping beneath the dirt of a forgotten city and finding ways to rid your home of the people intruding in it. 




The beast has several means to deal with archaeologists and other people snooping around. It can eat anyone whose feet it can make contact with, but it can also inhabit stray boulders and use them to crush people. If someone happens to see the aftermath of the beast’s bloody attacks, though, they can be frightened into killing themselves by accident.




The beast in The Dweller cannot easily leave whatever section of dirt it inhabits, as it has to stay underground. To get to other sections of the city, it must temporarily inhabit a moveable boulder to get to other locations across the game’s fifty levels.




The Dweller is available now on Steam.

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