Crush Those Who Think They Serve The Gods In Tides of Existence



Alec Dorian, once an inquisitor serving the gods of his world, has discovered that an ancient, evil race have organized the inquisition from the shadows. Now, he must face these Old Ones, and his entire holy order, in open world action RPG Tides of Existence.




Tides of Existence is looking to present the player with a large open world filled with quests, places to explore, and monsters to fight. Alec will be in constant danger from other Inquisitors, who have access to powers that Alec is now cut off from. Through careful exploration and questing, though, Alec will be able to find the means to match them.




The game’s two developers are looking to raise $60000 through IndieGoGo to assist with development. They promise the game will continue to be made whether they reach their goal or not.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!