cds Nearly out of the blue Square Enix is launching Crystal Defenders today worldwide. Ivalice is at war again. Will Ivalice ever be peaceful?


This time you won’t control a shirtless thief or move an army of moogles on a tactical grid. Crystal Defenders is Final Fantasy tower defense. Deploy black mages, place soliders, kill the creeps, and protect your crystals. Crystal Defenders gives players 120 levels for $7.99 only on the iPod App Store.


Originally, Crystal Defenders was sold as three separate games: Crystal Guardians W1, W2, and W3 in Japan. That’s right Crystal Defenders is a converted mobile phone game. On top of working with the iPhone Crystal Defenders also works the iPod Touch, 5th Generation iPods and 3rd & 4th Generation iPod nanos. Perhaps, Square Enix will continue their trend of Japanese cell phone to iPod ports with Final Fantasy IV: The After and Kingdom Hearts Coded. Both games could use an international home.



Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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