Crystal Guardians W1, aka Final Fantasy Tower Defense



Ivalice never has a peaceful moment. This time a crystal is under attack from waves of slimes and the (mostly) immobile members of the Crystal Guardians have to unite to defend it. Crystal Guardians W1 (I’m guessing the W stands for “wave”), is essentially an Final Fantasy Tactics Advance themed Tower Defense game with six job themed towers.


Hume Soldiers are basic towers that dash slightly forward to hit creeps, but they can’t hit flying monsters like bombs.

Nu Mou Time Mages can slow creeps.

Viera archers are an ideal solution to tackle flying creatures.

Hume Thieves are speedy fighters that can deal two attacks instead of one. Unlike the Hume Soldiers they can hit flying monsters.

Black Mage Moogles use damaging elemental spells.

White Monk Bangaas have an explosive punch that does more damage than a Hume Soldier’s strike at the cost of speed.


In between waves of Tonberrys and Lamias troops can level up at the cost of some hard earned gil. While Crystal Guardians W1 sounds like it would be an excellent Nintendo DS game, it’s actually a mobile phone title. Perhaps, if it’s successful there Square-Enix will port it in the future with extra features (online play?) similar to what they did with Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness.

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