Crystal Gun Girl Has Mega Man-Style Bosses To Defeat



Solo game creator Cornflowerblue is working on a sweet-looking 2D action-platformer called Crystal Gun Girl: Legend of the Golden Garden for PC.


All that is known about it at the moment is that you’ll explore dungeons to take down enemies and bosses Mega Man-style (shooting, dodging, and jumping to avoid attacks).


You find new items and weapons as you explore that’ll help you fight the bosses. Once defeating bosses, you’ll obtain components that be used in Synthesis (in which you create items inside a cauldron) to get new potions and gear.


You’re also able to explore an overworld where NPCs hang out and can be spoken to. There’s a laboratory that houses a large crystal here too – it seems like a central point to the game’s plot.


You can track the game’s development on its Tumblr  blog. More screenshots can be seen below.





(That pink line won’t be there in the final version.)

Chris Priestman