Crystal Picnic Is A Colorful Action-RPG Starring A Frog, Duck, And A Rabbit


A frog, a duck, and a rabbit aren’t the most likely RPG party ever but they might be the cutest. They’re the starts of a new light-hearted action-RPG called Crystal Picnic.


You follow Egbert and Frogbert as they chase an army of ants that stole magic crystals from the castle. Making things worse, the ants have gone mad as a result of foolishly deciding to eat some of the crystals.



Crystal Picnic plays like an action-platformer when in combat but also has isometric world exploration. You’ll meet new friends that’ll join your party along the way while fighting chubby birds and ants armed with bazookas.


You can purchase Crystal Picnic for a couple of dollars on its website, Steam,, the Mac App Store, the iTunes store, Google Play, and on Ouya.

Chris Priestman
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Former Siliconera staff writer and fan of both games made in Japan and indie games.